Programs & Services

Childhood and safe families

We work to improve policies and services aimed at protecting all children and adolescents. We aspire to make them grow in a safe and inclusive world.

  • Violence Prevention
  • Shelters and centers for children in contexts of violence
  • Psychological services specialized in trauma
  • Ludoteca
  • Specialized art projects
  • Homeless Youth - or Alternative Center, Casa Ramón
  • Homeless Advisory Board

Education, training and technical assistance

We provide training and support to strengthen positive parenting practices in children victims of violence.

  • To service providers / community
  • State and municipal governments
  • Young boys

Advocacy and mobilization for children

Initiatives for legislation, promotion, surveillance, construction and participation of the public policy agenda on the rights of children and youth.

  • Advocacy and mobilization for children
  • Youth Advocacy Academy
  • Leadership and character development
  • Policy compliance monitoring
  • Monitoring of guarantees of rights to children

Partnerships and volunteering

We encourage the development of partnerships as part of our work. Our volunteers are part of the energy of our projects and services aimed at achieving a better country for children and adolescents in Puerto Rico.

Collaborative Agreements

  • UAGM
  • DDEC
  • Inter-American University
  • Juncos Municipality
  • Música y País Foundation
  • Volunteering - Responses after Hurricane Irma and María