REDENIJ-PR continued to coordinate and lead the response and recovery work of the shelters, centers and institutions belonging to the collective before the passing of Hurricanes Irma and María. The operation of 100% of shelters, centers and institutions was stabilized within 90 days of atmospheric events. Through various psychosocial and socio-emotional support projects, a total of 2,419 child victims of abuse and personnel, located in 32 municipalities of Puerto Rico, are impacted. Within these projects, recreational and educational activities focused on play, arts, music therapy, psychomotor and sensory stimulation are worked on.

The Guide of Recommendations for the protection of children in emergencies or natural disasters in Puerto Rico, prepared by the multidisciplinary team of the Network, was trained and provided to the staff of each shelter, center and member institution of the Network. It is the product of the recommendations that emerged from the systematization of the recovery plan of the Network and allied entities. REDENIJ-PR standardized disaster preparedness and response efforts by publishing the guide, and they have trained both shelter staff and volunteers, employees of public and private companies, non-profit organizations, among others collective, on the standards and procedures of the Guide, adapted to the felt needs of each space. The Network has impacted around 450 participants in this training.